Is It A Special Day? Essay

Is It A Special Day? Essay

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I don’t really understand what is going on right now. Everyone is rushing around frantically, except for grandpa who is watching everyone with me. Why is everyone running all over the place? Is it a special day? Is it an emergency? Did something happen? Are we going somewhere?
All the noise everyone is making woke me up. I like my sleep. I get cranky when I don’t get to sleep. I try to call Dad, but he looks busy with Mom. Why does Mom look like she’s in pain? It’s not okay that Mom is in pain. I don’t like it when Mom is in pain.
Did I just hear someone say Hospital? Why are we going to the hospital? What is a hospital? At least Grandpa is here to keep me company, oh, and the dogs. I love our dogs. We have two of them and they love people.
They’re packing things up now. Are we moving? They are loading up two cars. Why can’t we just take one? What is going on? Grandpa has me wrapped up in a blanket and we are leaving. I’m too tired to keep my eyes open for any longer, but my curiosity is at a peak. I’m riding in the car with Grandpa, I like riding with Grandpa. He plays his soft, classical music that puts me right to sleep.
When I wake up, I’m being carried into the hospital. It’s still dark out, way too early, or maybe late, for the sun to come out. The first thing that I notice is that Red Cross on the building and I struggle reading the bright red “Emergency” sign. Is something wrong with me? No, there can’t be anything wrong with me. I’m not crying or whining. I don’t feel any pain anywhere. Mom is screaming and that’s when I start crying. Why is Mom screaming? Mom must be the one who is in pain. Why is Mom in pain?
I feel like we have been here for hours, but in reality it’s only been a couple minutes. I mean, can you blam...

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... in there? Dad leads us into the room. I get so excited that I want to run to Mom when I see her lying on the bed. She’s holding something, but she’s also smiling, so it must be something good. Maybe even something for me? I hear her tell me to come over to her. I walk slowly, knowing that Dad, Grandpa and Grandma are right behind me.
I walk closer and closer; I see the thing in Mom’s arms move a little bit. What could it possibly be? Mom’s smile becomes even bigger. She’s holding a little person. Is that for me? I hear Mom say that its name is Sierra. I look up at mom, shocked. Is this ours? Is this real? Then I hear Mom that she is my little sister. I have a little sister. That’s so cool. I’m going to be the best big brother that she will ever have.
Wait, where did she come from? Never mind, I’m sure that is going to be a question that will be answered later on.

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