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Always generated a commercial named “Like a girl” in order to focus on the insult “like a girl” and how it has been effectively decreasing the confidence of females. Always decided to take the phrase and analyze the effects it has on multiple people by asking them to perform certain actions “like a girl”. The message of this commercial is to show that people of the female gender that they are not the connotation of these words and that they need to turn the stigma around and coin this phrase as something positive rather than negative. Always actively shows that the phrase “like a girl” is an insult to females and it is more detrimental to a female’s self-confidence than it seems and that her self-respect can decrease as she goes through puberty. In this commercial, Always displays a wide range of subjects to speak upon the matter of the insult, “like a girl”, and to further focus in on the matter, there are minimal props being used.
In this commercial, Always uses different sets of people in order to prove that the saying “like a girl” is not just something only females are aware of, but also males. Rather than using only females, the director of the advertisement uses a small boy and a post-pubescent male to portray the message of the phrase being universally understood. The small boy, when asked to run like a girl, runs sloppily with his hands waving frantically next to him. His demonstration of this insult displays that his understanding of “like a girl” encompasses not being able to complete a task at maximum potential. The post-pubescent male, when asked to perform the same task, runs very slowly while being conscious of his hair being messed up. His response to this was similar to the little boy’s in ...

... middle of paper ... this social stigma in that with a strong self-confidence, all girls should be able to overcome this barrier and see themselves with a better self-image. Because Always is a feminine product company, they aim to empower women during and throughout their womanhood. They want to relay the message that being a girl does not automatically degrade them in any sort of way although society paints that picture on them; being a girl means that they have to work twice as hard to overcome the stigma of being inferior along with challenging social standards and Always wants to change that by transforming the phrase “like a girl” into something more positive and more representative to how girls should carry themselves. This commercial is not just about selling a product and making money. It is about empowering females and how they can overcome being negatively seen by society.

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