Essay on Is It A Discount If You Buy?

Essay on Is It A Discount If You Buy?

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• Is there a discount if you buy in bulk? If you are certain you can sell the item, buying in bulk can drive down production costs. Typically, the more of an item you can purchase at one time, the better price you’ll get on that product.
Seasonal Considerations
Is the product one that sells better at certain times of the year than other times? One example is ugly Christmas sweaters. They will sell best between November and January. The rest of the year, sales will slump off.
If you plan to sell a seasonal item, have a backup plan in place for what you’ll sell during your slow months or how you’ll ramp up during the seasonal sales next year.
Can You Get Behind This Product?
Before you make a final decision to sell a product, ask yourself if it is something you can really get behind. Do you think it adds value to the lives of others? If not, it will be difficult for you to sell it when you have to pitch the product.
Potential for Product to Add Value
Do you believe the product is well made and a good value for the money? Do you believe it makes your customers’ lives better, even if only in some small way?
Do you use the product yourself? Personal testimonials are powerful. One example of this are the representatives for MLM companies such as Young Living essential oils. They use the oils themselves and swear by them. This passion shines through and others want to try the product. If you want to really sell a product, then you need to make sure you’re willing to use it yourself and you understand how it works and why it is the best of the potential products out there.
According to Entrepreneur magazine, testimonials work because they:
• Build trust
• Aren 't spammy
• Help overcome doubts
Potential for Repeat Sales
Is the product o...

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You’ll also need to utilize some smart advertising on social media, in newsletters targeting your market demographic, and even by passing out business cards that list your website address when you meet local fisherman in person.
Filling Holes in the Market You’ve Chosen
Now that you’ve chosen your niche and started selling the product, you probably understand your chosen niche a lot better.
Look at the questions that your targeted users ask in forums or on your blog. What needs to they have that aren’t being met? Can you find or make a product to solve that problem?
Finding a niche you are passionate about means that you’ll start to understand more and more what other needs your customers have that need to be solved. Choosing the right niche means that your business will grow over time as you add more products and discover new ways to promote those products.

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