The Is Interconnected With The Reproductive System For Reproduction Essay

The Is Interconnected With The Reproductive System For Reproduction Essay

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a) Claim:
1. The Nervous system in the earthworm is interconnected with the Reproductive system for reproduction.
2. The Digestive system in the earthworm is interconnected with the Circulatory system for digestion and circulation of blood.
3. The Nervous system in the earthworm is interconnected with the Digestive system to eat.
4. The Respiratory system in the cricket is interconnected with the Circulatory system to respond to stimuli.
5. The Reproductive system in the cricket is interconnected with the Endocrine system for reproduction.
6. The Digestive system in the cricket is interconnected with the Urinary system to use energy.
b) Evidence:
1. This connection is essential to life because the Nervous system allows for reproduction and keeps the species alive. The figure on page 18 of the lab manual displays how the Nervous system in the earthworm is interconnected Reproductive system.
2. This connection is essential to life because the Digestive system allows the warmth to digest food that aids in blood flow and circulation. The body breaks down food and absorbs nutrients through the digestive system. In order for the digestive system to operate, the heart and blood has to provide its warmth. In the figure on page 18, it shows that the Digestive system and the Circulatory system is interconnected in the earthworm.
3. This connection is essential to life because the Nervous system tells the warm part of the body when the body should eat and when it should not eat. The nervous system processes sensory information and controls responses. So when the brain tells you to eat, the body uses the Nervous system and Digestive system to process and break down the food. The figure on page 18 also shows how the Nervous and Digestive sys...

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... give moisture to prevent overheating during a run. The body adjusts to the environment it is in to maintain homeostasis.
b)   On a run, the Musculoskeletal and Circulatory system are interconnected. The Musculoskeletal system moves the body and body function, helping the legs move and feet hit the pavement. The Circulatory system regulates the heart and blood, which allows the body to breathe and maintain a steady temperature during a run. The Circulatory system also is interconnected with the Respiratory system on a run. The Circulatory system is important in respiration. The Circulatory system pumps the heart, allowing oxygen to flow through the body. The respiratory system utilizes the oxygen and sends the oxygen to the lungs, allowing the body to breathe. All of these systems are essential to life because they help the body produce energy, making a run possible.

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