Is Intelligence Determined By Genetics Or The Environment? Essay

Is Intelligence Determined By Genetics Or The Environment? Essay

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Is Intelligence Determined by Genetics or the Environment?

The word “intelligence” has no single meaning but it is universally associated with knowledge, mental capability, an amount of reasoning, judgement, and cognitive function. Throughout different eras, the idea of intelligence became an attribute that was wanted, very profitable and was looked for. With time passing, humans began to discover how and why intelligence can vary throughout different people. The question whether intelligence is determined by heredity or the environment has caused intense debates that lead many to believe it is both, but to what extent? Some argue that a person is born with a certain level of intelligence and that one can do little to improve your intelligence. On the other hand, others see intelligence as something that is determined by environmental factors and the manner a person is raised will influence their IQ. But in reality, what really causes intelligence? Are we born with it, or does our environment determine our level of intelligence? As more research is being done on the brain, scientists agree that intelligence is a combination of both genetic and environmental factors that influence intelligence and together they determine an individual’s amount of intelligence.
There have been different attempts throughout our society’s history that tried to measure intelligence. According to Plomin, the Chinese at one point used a form of testing to see which civil service candidates would be the best for the position. Plato also was intrigued by human intellect, so he investigated the creative abilities of a person through intelligence. Also, within the 1800s, schools in psychology began to use new techniques on how to measure intelligence. A for...

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...ery beneficial, since we are able to use it in determining how we can the population with a higher intelligence score than before. One study called has seen that intelligence test scores from about the 1930s that show that the population’s overall intelligence is increasing. This is called the Flynn effect, and was a study done by James Flynn. Within all of the brain researchers, they can universally agree that intellectual intelligence is a topic that should be continued researching.
In conclusion, we can see through many studies that both genetics and environmental factors affect a person’s level of cognitive capacity, their ability to reason, and to recall memories. With more technology, we are finding more about the brain and its way of processing, and how we can use all of this information for the new generations to come on how to increase their intelligence.

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