Is Humane Is Having Or Showing Compassion Or Benevolence? Essay

Is Humane Is Having Or Showing Compassion Or Benevolence? Essay

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The definition of humane is having or showing compassion or benevolence. My entire policy issue deals with the inhumane treatment of animals. More specifically how college students aren’t responsible enough to own their own pet, and how dogs don’t get the correct form of treatment due to irresponsible college students. Many dogs go missing, injured, and killed throughout the year due to them living with a group of college students who have no idea how to raise an animal with the amount of support it needs. Even though my policy issue is a nation wide issue at numerous amounts of colleges, because it has to do with animals many don’t show much attention to these types of issues. As for my solution I would require local shelters to test anyone under the age of 25 with basic animal training and care questions prior to allowing any authorized adoptions. This proposed policy solution is desirable because according to the article “Chico, For Animal Rights”, the Chico animal shelter reports monthly on the animal intake and outcome rise towards the end of the soring and fall semesters when Chico State students are leaving for break. With my solution, the test will provide valuable information such as how to properly take care of your pet while on break and how much of a commitment they are. Owning a pet is an enormous commitment that most college students do not realize. And also the college “lifestyle” isn’t an ideal environment for a pet to grow up in.
One apposing argument would be that pets provide comfort and relieve stress for students. They say your dog/pet is your best friend. Dogs are known to relieve all sorts of panic when in times of distress. “Pets provide an unconditional love, giving students something they can always rel...

... middle of paper ...

...nds over. We all discussed my policy issue, and I got to hear feedback and insight of events that happen at other colleges. Many of my friends agreed that they don’t think it’s an appropriate lifestyle for a pet to grow up in. They gave me the idea to start local and hopefully expand in the future. As for my action plan, I hope to work with an animal rescue program or organization over the summer. I hope to learn more on how to properly take care and raise an animal. Once I learn all the specific details I can pass it on to my classmates and acquaintances. Throughout the semester I learned that if I have a problem with something in our government, I should speak up about it, I have the power to change it. With the supplemental and common readings I learned exactly what I need to due, and how exactly to implement this solution, and hope to see a change very soon.

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