Essay on Is Human Cloning Beneficial?

Essay on Is Human Cloning Beneficial?

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Moreover, in some communities, therapeutic cloning is considered immoral since it necessitates the altering of cloned human embryos to form stem cells, which have the potential to cure diseases such as heart disease, paralysis, or diabetes (Naik). That being said, there is also a risk that the development of cloning technology brings the chance for the technology to be abused to improve the human species ("Human Cloning"). While some believe in using human cloning to further stem cell research, other individuals believe in various scientific alternatives which would make the need for reproductive cloning irrelevant (Rosen et al). Furthermore, environmentalists share concerns that researchers do not grasp the longstanding impacts of their experiments ("Human Cloning"). Animal cloning has shown to have a very high rate of failure, with about 95% of mammals cloned having resulted in failure, and often results in cloning abnormalities that could mutate or cause issues in certain environments that would spread to entire populations of species ("Pros and Cons of Reproductive Cloning"). Veritably, many researchers believe that there is no such thing as a healthy clone (King). If uncontrolled reproduction were allowed for these organisms, this could wipe out entire populations of animals ("Human Cloning"). This is scary to consider because without knowing the lasting effects, it cannot be said how dangerous the procedure could be for an overall species. It is vital that the risks of the technique are eliminated in order for all aspects of cloning to be used to their full medical potential. Only then should this research be supported with federal funding to advance and apply it to the diagnosing, treating, and prevention of human diseases...

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...g period of time, introduced and integrated into society, there will be far less risks of the treatments having negative long-term effects ("Reproductive Cloning Arguments Pro and Con"). As well, working towards scientific alternatives which would make reproductive cloning null would eliminate its risks since it would have no need to be used, but it would also take a lot of time and money to invest in new scientific developments, especially when so much has already been provided for reproductive biotechnology (Rosen et al). Unfortunately, for some, these proclaimed “solutions” can be considered an obstacle in finding treatments or even cures for debilitating diseases and illnesses (Peroski). They could also encourage animal rights activists who are against testing these technologies on animals, bringing other issues to the surface and creating new political disputes.

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