Is Human Activity Responsible For Global Climate Change? Essay example

Is Human Activity Responsible For Global Climate Change? Essay example

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Global Warming
Man-Made or is mother nature trying to play mind games. Are we to blame for the destruction of Earth? There are many things destroying our earth, global warming is a huge deal. Chemicals, what the chemicals do, and Is it manmade or mother nature. I believe that it 's man made. This is a hot topic on the news and in scientists research.
There are many pros and cons about global warming. “Overwhelming Scientific consensus says human activity is primarily responsible for global climate change”(“Is Human Activity Primarily Responsible for Global Climate Change?”). They say that the human activity causing global warming. A pro would be “Rising levels of human-produced gases released into the atmosphere create a green house effect that traps heat and causes global warming”(“Is Human Activity Primarily Responsible for Global Climate Change?”). The gases that we release are carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. These gases build a shield that keeps the warmth inside Earth. Us humans help produce the Co2 that is emitted into the air. “As of 2008, only 39 out of every 100,000 molecules of air were CO2, and it will take mankind’s CO2 emissions 5 more years to increase that number by 1, to 40”(“Global Warming”). The reason we blame it on mother nature is because we can’t technically determine the sensitivity of the climate yet. I understand where we are causing the bad of global warming. We want to have a regular summer, not too hot. We want a normal winter where it actually snows. “Climate change- happens with or without our help”(“Global Warming”).
Co2 is the main gas we emit into the air.”The main heat-trapping gas largely responsible for most of the average warming over the past several decades”(“How Do We Know tha...

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...e for the destruction of Earth,our home. It 's time to take charge and recycle. We can all come together to make planet Earth last longer and not burst into a ball of flames.

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