Is Honesty Always the Best Policy? Essays

Is Honesty Always the Best Policy? Essays

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Topic: Is honesty always the best policy?
Should one always speak the truth? Is telling the truth at all times the better option? Consider a person who is a. This person is likely to have a good reputation and be trusted by others. Furthermore, he or she will never be caught in a lie. On the other hand, consider both the act of lying and the person who lies. Lying is defined as “believing or thinking one thing and consciously expressing another” (Shibles). One lies by expressing something other than what he or she thinks or believes. Lies could be told for various reasons. The primary reason is to conceal the truth. A person might obscure the truth to maintain good relationship with others, to avoid hurting their feelings, and/or to protect innocents from harms such as tortures or death. Some other reasons are to hurt or fool someone, to be funny, or to develop some sort of reputation. If one lies and the lie is discovered, he or she could lose others’ trust and respect. Earning them back could be difficult or impossible because the people that the liar had deceived will be reluctant to trust him or her again. Therefore, for any of the above mentioned cases, except when protecting an innocent from harms, being honest is always the better option. Lying to save people from fates they do not rightly deserve, e.g. protecting an innocent person about to serve a jail sentence for a murder, is a noble and just reason to lie. The other reasons for lying are not as just or noble, so honesty is the better option.
Two of the reasons a person could lie include maintaining good relationships with others and not hurting their feelings. For instance, before leaving it is considered polite in the society to thank the hosts and hoste...

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...r, or imprisonment. Imagine a person being subjected to such fate due to their religion, e.g. the Jews during the Holocaust. For all other cases, being honest is the better option because it eliminates a person’s fear of their lie being discovered and promotes trust among people.

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