Essay Is Homosexuality Morally Immoral?

Essay Is Homosexuality Morally Immoral?

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John Corvino creates a great response to a very talked about and controversial topic: Is being homosexual wrong (specifically those who act on their homosexual urges)? In Corvino’s article, he breaks down the potential arguments people use against homosexuality and proves how those arguments are not strong enough to prove that homosexuality is immoral. The arguments that are used against homosexuality and that are addressed in this article are the most common arguments used to prove that homosexuality is immoral. Corvino gives some of the arguments the key factors they use to validate their points just so that he can use those factors against them. This is a very important topic to discuss because it has limited individual 's rights in today 's society. It is ok for individuals to not believe in homosexuality or to believe that homosexuality is not ok for them, but is not ok for people to think that these people do not deserve to be treated as equals in society based their own beliefs, which are not justifiable or to believe that these people who are homosexual and act upon their own desires are immoral. I’d liked to argue alongside Corvino, adding onto some of the key points he uses to defend homosexuality, and overall agreeing to the conclusion that homosexual sex is not actually immoral.
A very important argument that is brought up often is that homosexual desires are not innate which equals unnatural. In Corvino’s article, he states that the common defense against this is that people who are homosexual are actually born this way and that makes their behaviors innate. Either side does not actually point to the actual moral wrongness or correctness of homosexual sex. Acting on behaviors because they are innate does not make the...

... middle of paper ... that way according to the verse above. Instead it is stated that all sin is equal, you break one law you are a law breaker regardless of the degree of the action. But us as humans we do not see it in such a narrow way. We know that we commit sin but we also know that these sins do not equate to being immoral by our own moral beliefs. Homosexual sex may be seen as wrong in biblical teachings but so is eating pork or lying about being sick to your boss and therefore we should not solely put homosexuality on the list of immoral actions simply because it doesn 't fall within the guidelines of the bible. If we do so then we would then have to pick out everything we do that also doesn’t fall in line with the bible and call those actions immoral. Instead we should accept that we will do things that are sinful by god 's law but not immoral by the definition of immorality.

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