Is Helicopter Parents Improve Your Own Decisions? Essay

Is Helicopter Parents Improve Your Own Decisions? Essay

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“Don’t go out without a jacket.” “Clean your room.” “Wear something decent.” “Who are you going out with?” Young people hate when their parents try to control their lives by telling them what to do. We frequently hear about the many complaints of college students about being unable to make their own decisions because of the full-service parenting that is offered to them. Parents affirm that the main reason for being over-involved in their children’s lives is to protect them and offer them a better life. However, although the behaviors of this parenting style may appear to be full of good intentions, the truth is that helicopter parents can lead to long-lasting detrimental effects endangering the personal and academic development of their children.
Due to the anxiety caused by over-thinking about the future success of their kids, helicopter parents can take over the decisions of their children without letting them fail on their own. Particularly, parents always want the best for their children’s lives to be as successful as possible, but there is not a universal manual which can guide parents gently through the process of educating a child. Therefore, they do what they think can fit more convenient for their children. The Journal of Adolescence finds that “helicopter parenting appear to be inappropriately obtrusive and managing, but done out of strong parental concern for the well-being and success of the child” (qtd. in Jayson). The purpose of parents being involved in their kids’ life is understandable. Certainly, being aware that the child is getting good grades is always part of the parent’s job. But, the role of helicopter parents to hover over their children and run in rescue at the first signal of trouble is not an adequa...

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... support their kids to build their own future instead of trying to manipulate them.
In conclusion, helicopter parents need to understand that their good intentions and desires may be endangering the future of their kids instead of helping them to become autonomous and self-sufficient. Students should claim for their right to decide by themselves because, after all, they are the architects of their own destiny. As Gude said, “having a wonderful life isn 't about chasing a job and salary on some distant horizon; it 's about the richness of the journey along the way.” Certainly, a better life don’t consist in having the best education, studying the career that will offer the most money, and never failing in life. Life is full of obstacles and students must learn how to find solutions and get experience from it by themselves, without being dependent on their parents.

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