Is Heaven & Hell Real? Essay

Is Heaven & Hell Real? Essay

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You always hear people talking about whether Heaven and Hell is actually real. I’m sure everyone has their own opinion about the subject which they usually do. There are more reasons not to believe in heaven and hell than there are to actually believe in it, but I want to prove to everyone that they are misunderstanding heaven and hell. So to prove my point here are some resources that agree with me and have proof to back it up.
According to Matthew Miller, Heaven is more of spiritual place rather than a physical one, but the nevertheless as real as the person standing next to you. Heaven is place where there is no stress, death, pain, suffering of any kind, and no worries so Hakuna Matata to you. Heaven is more of a place where there is fulfillment of the heart. Every desire and wish that your heart wants, it shall receive. Hell is a literal place of tormenting, and punishment. Nothing good ever comes from hell or Satan himself. Everyone who doesn’t submit their eternal soul to God will go to hell. He is basically saying that hell is more a literal place and heaven is more spiritual.
Science News Flash also has their thoughts about the topic. They also agree that both places really exist. He says that when kids/babies die they go to heaven. It’s like a “free pass” in heaven only because kids are so young they don’t know wrong from right. The only way into heaven is to believe that God is your savior and that he is first in your life. Once you die and go to heaven there is said to be no marriage because we all will live together as a family. There are known angels of heaven for example Michael, Zachariah, Gabriel, & Raphael. It has been said that the angels, thousands of angels are joyfully assembled. There also used to be an an...

... middle of paper ... a sister he never knew he had. It was a child that Sonja(his mother) had miscarried. He even knew all about Pop, Todd's grandfather, who had died long before the boy was born. Todd was amazed by Colton knowing bible passages that to todd’s knowledge he wasn’t even aware he knew. By the end of the story Colton is 11 and doesn’t talk about his experience much. Him and his family had told people about it though and created this book because they saw that it helps people.


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