Is Health Care a Right or a Privilege? Essay

Is Health Care a Right or a Privilege? Essay

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A sensitive topic in the United States today revolves around the issue of healthcare. Is health care a basic human right or is it just a privilege to those who are able to afford it? Health care in the United States is in desperate need of reform. The Affordable Care Act takes that stance that health care is in fact a basic human right and that everyone should have health insurance. When the term “basic human rights” is used, most people think of the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This doesn’t necessarily mean that people should be forced to sustain others’ lives, or that they have the responsibility to make others happy because they have a “right” to pursue happiness. You are born with these basics rights that no one can take away. On the other hand, healthcare is something that is given to you; it costs money and is a basic need of life. We have a right to pursue and acquire healthcare, but it is not a right.
In a Forbes article written by Richard Salsman he states that healthcare “It’s a valuable service provided by intelligent, hard-working professionals with years of painstaking education and training…” (Salsman 2012). Doctors and nurses are simply business people. They provide a service for those who are in need of healthcare. Just like any other service, you should have to pay to receive. Just because you have a car doesn’t mean your car insurance should pay for gas, maintenance, or to get your car washed. In order to receive the services of healthcare, you have to be willing to pay. Salsman states perfectly, “you have no “right” to take from health care providers what they’re not willing to supply” (Salsman 2012).
Salsman also brings up the point that those working in the medical field are “p...

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... medical care, but in turn, taxes would most definitely go up a significant amount.
For professionals, there are a couple downsides to not having health care as a right. In some cases, patients just won’t pay their medical bills either because of bankruptcy or various other reasons. If there was universal healthcare, everyone would have insurance so medical institutions would always get paid. However, since the government would control healthcare, they would control the cost of healthcare as well.
As The Affordable Care Act goes into effect this year, debates over whether health care is a right will continue to occur. For some, it’s about inalienable rights, including good health. For others, it’s about the sole fact that rights don’t cost money. Rights are not something the government gives to you; rights are something that the government can never take away.

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