Is Gold A Precious Metal That Within Any Community? Essay

Is Gold A Precious Metal That Within Any Community? Essay

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Gold is a very precious metal that within any community is praised very highly. After the United States won California from Mexico, a land owner had found several pieces of gold along the river bed of the San Francisco River. Circumstances lead to this land owner not wanting to reveal this information to the world. Nevertheless, the information was spread and so began the Gold Rush in California. This magnificent event gave light to great change but was it the right move for progress and growth for the new founded country the United States. Growth in my eyes is defined as the increase of wealth among all the population that is living in a general area. Wealth should be defined as in a way where a family can live with good water and good food, also can have means of well sustainable natural materials. However, the material should not be scavenged for unnecessary reasons. Some other facts that people should be able to see in a community that is growing, is how well the people are living, but also how the environment is holding up. Everything should be balanced, once that is achieved one can take into consideration developing more technological progress. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the Gold Rush era. I believe that this era does not represent any progress in achieving the right type of balance needed to make a community thrive. A key point that can be stated is the way miners lived. Another key point is how the men spent their time and how the city was run. However, the turning point was the way the environment was being effected by the means of destroying the land to get to the gold barred into the ground. Over all the gold rush was looked at as a great passage in the right direction for developing a modern world but it...

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...way to reach the mines, around “600,000,000 feet of lumber” was used (Brechin 47). The temperature dropped to almost unbearable temperatures. The environment got a terrible treatment and we are suffering for it now. We need Mother Nature to thrive in order for a community to thrive.
The Gold Rush in California was nothing more than a growth for bad habits to begin with. There was no progress in the way that people lived in that era. Human beings had a hard time finding homes and on top of this the money earned was so little. There was no balance in the way people lived and for that everyone perished in one way or another. The “progress” that the country made was backtracking into an era where the cloak of darkness controlled the communities with corruption in how the cities were run. However, at the end of so much darkness there is always some light that will help.

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