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Is Gil Scott Heron? Essay

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The writer of this poem is Gil Scott-Heron. He was born in Chicago, but spent his childhood in Jackson, Tennessee. Scott-Hereon went to Lincoln University in Pennsylvania because two of the people whom he admired went there. However, he taken a year off to write a novel. The audience for this poem is every person, but the specific audience is the media and the government. This poem is written to the media and the government because of how they did not want to portray African Americans, even though they had a big movement going on. Also, the government was corrupt and treated African Americans as they did not even existed.
The revolution will not be televised was written in the 1970s. During this time frame, the civil rights movement was gaining a lot of momentum. Throughout the poem, Scott-Hereon, shows some of the events that took place during the 1970s. First of all, famous TV actors on popular TV shows would not tell the truth. The government would usually stop something before it is said out to the public. Another event described by Scoot-Hereon, is if the revolution is televised then all the American songs written by our early fathers, would not be the same ones before the revolution. Lastly, within the last verse Scott-Heron goes on to say how although the revolution would not be televised, at the end we will all know about the revolution. Furthermore, that verse goes even further to say how the revolution will not be brought to us, but how we will go towards the revolution. Therefore, that’s when the people of this country will know what we have to do, to figure out the corrupt government.
Some important people named within the poem are: John Mitchell, General Abrams and Spiro Agnew. All three of these people are signifi...

... middle of paper ...

...the revolution war to them, but they must bring themselves to the revolution war.
All in all, this poem has significant meaning about how the African Americans were not getting recognized by anybody, and also how the media and government officials would ignored them, and twist some stories. This poem was written to enlighten the public about how they are getting told the full story, by the news, and how African Americans are not getting noticed.
Throughout this research, I have learned a lot about the 1970’s. I learned a lot about the historical, economical, and social events that were happening during this time. Also, learning about Nixon’s presidency term, more information about the Vietnam War, and the knowledge about the Black Power Movement. Lastly, I learned how corrupt the government was and probably how corrupt the government probably still is to today.

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