Is Genetics A Scientist? Essay

Is Genetics A Scientist? Essay

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I was introduced into biology roughly around eleven years old, sitting in my life science class. I never thought of being a scientist though yet, it was not until the chapter on genetics that I realized that this was really "cool," as my eleven-year-old self would say. Everything I had learned that day peaked my interest in science and made me want to become a scientist. I believed genetics was the answer to everything, from how someone looked like their parents to why a person was sick. It was not until ninth grade that my biology teacher made me wonder about something if genetics is the answer to everything, does that include behavior? That day forward, I made it my mission to study behavioral genetics.
I never thought about how my behavior could possibly have been passed down from my parents genetically. I always thought I learned my behaviors from watching my mom and dad. It really was not until I was fifteen did my mother tell me I behaved just like my biological father, from mannerisms to attitude. He had passed away when I was four years old and I have very little recollection of him, must less behavior. Growing up with my step-dad I had picked up a trait or two from him. He is an artist and I thought I learned to draw from him yet, my younger half-sister knew how to draw at a much younger age. Mannerisms and drawing made me want to know whether I was born with the trait or if I simply picked it up.
So in the quest to know more about behavior and genetics, I took many challenging courses in my undergraduate career in hopes to one day come across an answer. Courses including Organic Chemistry, Cell and Molecular, and Microbiology. Finally, as a senior at the University of West Georgia, I am in a Genetics course that can lead...

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...e and alcohol. Both girls exhibit behavior that is out of the norm, one of the girls as Asperger 's Syndrome while the other has ADHD and extremely aggressive behavior. These girls were the major reason as to why I want to study Substance Abuse Disorder.
I would love to be able to conduct my own research in the field but in order to do so, I will have to know more about behavioral genetics simply because psychiatric genetics is an off branch of behavioral genetics. The University of Georgia will provide me the proper background I need. Although other schools may have a Behavioral Genetics program, it is under the Department of Psychology.(ehhhh) I want to be able to study the genetic aspects of Substance Abuse Disorder and study the future generation 's (will it make me a better researcher? what 's the ultimate goal? what can this school do for me that UWG can 't.)

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