Essay on Is Genetic Mutation A Science Experiment?

Essay on Is Genetic Mutation A Science Experiment?

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Science sometimes seems like a myth, or a movie. I have heard rumors of human extremities grown from the body of a lab rat, tomatoes cross-bred with fish, and pigs sharing human DNA. Though the craziest part is the amount of mutated food we eat. That’s right, Mutant food, not only is it real but it fills our supermarkets.
Genetic Mutation is a Science Experiment that potentially breaks ethical, and moral, principles. DNA is being altered, meaning Plant and Animal species are genetically combined to alter their cell creation. The intention is to improve the quality of food, while also having the potential to improve human health and performance. Not only are long term effects untested, but future experiments could go in various directions. There may not always be a clear understanding of how these experiments work, and to make matters worse, the information is often vague or mislabeled. Most of the debate over GMO’s is centered around health concerns, and legal statistics, so it was interesting to read Joel Salatin’s article, Frankenstein’s Farm, because he took a different approach. How far is too far, for Science to stop messing with Mother Nature?
The main argument in the article is about the ethical boundaries and potential consequences of Genetic Modification. There is a lot of semantics, such as the philosophy of a “fish should be a fish”. Cross-species breeding is unnatural, therefore, plants should not be mating with animals. The author spends an abundance of time explaining how sexual organs belong there for a reason, and breaking these rules in a laboratory has far reaching consequences.
A strong religious tone takes over when the article starts discussing Western versus Eastern philosophy. There seems to ...

... middle of paper ... away anytime soon, unless our whole government collapsed. So it is important to focus on one thing at a time. If we feel genetic modification is wrong, we must find ways to acknowledge that on its own. Salatin’s argument that these GMO’s will run out of control is an unprecedented fear, and as time goes on, GMO’s might become even more important in our culture.
Compared to other article’s, Joel Salatin has placed a unique view point on the argument. I do agree that we must respect our planet and the life within it, but finding a medium might be nearly impossible. He generally made strong claims, which are very opinionated. Not everything he claimed was a black and white, true or false, type of situation. Even though certain aspects can’t be proven, they still seem pretty unsettling, and I bet you will be thinking about what you’re eating a little more often.

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