Is Gender And Sexuality So Important? Us? Essay

Is Gender And Sexuality So Important? Us? Essay

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Why is gender and sexuality so important to us? To some people it defines who we are, to others it 's a prison that society forces on us. To me, it doesn 't matter, you should be able to love who you want and be who you want as long as you don 't hurt anybody. However, many people do not share this view, it matters so much to them that it has created a divide in our society.

Gender is an identity, it is assigned at birth and most people keep their assigned gender for the remainder of their life; while others don 't feel right in the gender they are assigned and change it. The basic genders, male and female, are often associated with, but not limited to, certain roles. Sexuality is defined as the kind of person you 're attracted to and is usually limited to that person 's gender or sex. Heterosexuality is the most common sexual orientation, and thus something many people who weren 't heterosexual felt they should be throughout the ages. Gender and sexuality are very important to educate oneself on to not only respect the orientation of others but als...

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