Is Gay Parenting Bad For Kids? Essay

Is Gay Parenting Bad For Kids? Essay

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While gay families are accused of tampering with child’s development and sexuality, research shows this to be untrue. We often hear in society that gay families effect children and often cause the child to become gay; another claim is that children have a harder time developing because they lack a mother or father figure in the family structure. Here we will look at these claims that children develop differently and I will discuss both the author’s positions and determine what they both agree on and disagree on.
This paper will focus on two articles, one that is primarily focused on disproving an article that was written by a UK Christian, which is full of unproven claims and biases. The first article is by Stephen Hicks; the article is title, “Is Gay Parenting Bad for Kids? Responding to the ‘very Idea of Difference’ in Research on Lesbian and Gay Parents”. This article is a review article about Patricia Morgan, who is a UK Christian that is opposed to all forms of gay and lesbian parenting because it is against her beliefs. The second article is from Paul and Kirk Cameron, “Children of Homosexual Parents Report Childhood Difficulties’”. This article primarily talks about 6 clinical studies that interview a total of 155 children and asked them to describe any difficulties they may have had while they were growing up. It also points out how children of LGBT families are judged by not only their peers, but also by the parents of traditional families.
The first topic that is mentioned is that homosexuals are sexual predators that only have children to assault them. This claim was mentioned in Hick’s article, where Patricia Morgan said, “concerning lesbian and gay men is that they are all pathological and sexually violent, and ano...

... middle of paper ...

...y think about it, would you really want your child to be gay or lesbian, knowing how society will look upon them? The LGBT community, are treated like 3rd class citizens, they can get fired from their jobs lawfully, if their boss decides he doesn’t want a homosexual working for them. In other countries around the world gay people need to hide their sexuality or risk being attacked both physically and verbally, and a whole other list of unjustified treatments.
Overall, gay families do not harm the development of children and if anything they better it and raise a more accepting child that is open to whatever the world gives them. We look at Homosexual people like they are wrong, yet straight people are the ones that are forcing people to be straight. We need to relook at how we are treating people and become more accepting of other people’s opinions and orientations.

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