Is Free Community College Really The Answer? Essays

Is Free Community College Really The Answer? Essays

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Is Free Community College Really the Answer?
Growing up we were forced to go to a small building filled with the same hundreds of people we have encountered day after day for years, high school. Whether students were from a small town or a large city there is a large chance that they did not exactly appreciate going to the same classes every day for numerous weeks. In the article, “Why All Public Higher Education Should Be Free,” Bob Samuels discusses why he believes that all public colleges should be free. He focuses in on how a small percentage of Community College students actually graduate due to them having to work jobs while attending college to pay for said college education. I believe that Bob Samuels is wrong because he overlooks student’s options to pay tuition, the cost of free community college to the public and the fact that a degree from a community college will become another standard in our society.
Many political candidates have attempted to swing the votes by discussing the idea of free community college tuition. Some say community college should be free to all and other candidates have commented that it should be free to low income students. Statistics are given in an article regarding Presidents Obamas intentions on making community college free,“ about 7.7 million Americans attend community college for credit, of whom 3.1 million attend full time, according to the American Association of Community Colleges, relying on 2012 data. Over all, the federal government provides about $9.1 billion to community colleges, or about 16 percent of the total revenue the colleges receive. Tuition from students provides $16.7 billion a year, or nearly 30 percent of revenue” (Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Tamar Lewin). Davis an...

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...s a hard worker the student needs to give something to get their education. Without it students, who are largely made up of millennials, will have an even bigger sense of entitlement.
As discussed earlier in this writing many things are overlooked when considering whether or not community college should be free. I believe that community college being made available at no cost will be a negative thing because it will give people an easy way out when community college is already affordable, that a degree from a community college will become expected in the future as a high school diploma is now and the financial burden that will be placed on tax payers. Community college was made to be affordable by the person getting the education, not the country funding everyone education. There is no way we can produce hard working employees if they are not hard working students.

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