Is Foster Care Really Better? Essay

Is Foster Care Really Better? Essay

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“In the United States, foster care operates on the local level, rather than on the national level” (Harris, 2004).The state’s division of social services and part of the state department of health and human services run the whole foster care service (Harris, 2004). The foster care system is great when they remove children from harm but they need to do better background checks which would cut down on multiple moves, figure out a better system of getting children out of the system and into homes, and they need to figure out how to accommodate out of state parents.
Training classes and a licensing process need to pass in order to become a foster parent. When the agency is satisfied the criteria is being met they will begin a home study, which includes visits to the home, for various safety inspections, as well as extensive background checks on all members of the family living in the home (Harris, 2004). However, any person who will be responsible for that child at any time, for babysitting purposes, should have background checks as well. Too many children are dealing with abuse by the foster parents or someone they are left in the care of. On average 30 percent of children in foster care already have severe emotional, behavioral, or developmental problems (Harris, 2004). So image the child or children’s feelings when they see the abuse in a place that is supposed to be safe.
The abuse leads to children’s removal from the foster home and placed into another. They never feel any type of stability because they never know when they have to gather their few belongings to move to a different home. So they do not ever really settle into the home to be able to work on the other emotional, behavioral, or developmental problems. In a perso...

... middle of paper ..., whether they were married when the child was born or not. In addition, more importantly, the number of foster care families should out way the number of children in foster care, so to do that, more “kinship” placements need to happen so that children feel the love they deserve and want to better them so they never deal with the system again.

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