The Is Ficial Web Portal Of Government Of The Usa For All Governmental Information And Services

The Is Ficial Web Portal Of Government Of The Usa For All Governmental Information And Services

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Essay Preview is the official web portal of government of the USA for all governmental information and services. It is administrated by USAGov, a division of U.S. General Services Administration’s Technology Transformation Service. It was created by an internet entrepreneur, Eric Brewer as a powerful search engine for the U.S. government on September 22, 2000, with a website link which later was later modified on January 2007 to by being mandated through section 204 of E-Government Act of 2002. This comprehensive and user-friendly website is built to create, organize and make the wide range of necessary information and fundamental government services accessible to the public and visitors, per their likening through the near perfect design, context-type, high-pitched layout suitable for any kind of device. is a very comprehensive website with a lot of features to talk about. This website can be accessed by typing or simply in the navigation/address pane of any internet browser or search engines. This site has several categories from ‘Housing and Community’, ‘Jobs and Employment’, ‘Government agencies and Elected officials’, ‘Travel and Immigration’, and a ‘More Services’ tab that includes fourteen other different government services and information. All these categories are perfectly placed as tabs on top of the page spanning from left to right. Moreover, the layout is quite clear assisted by well-selected fonts and colors. Moreover, designed for the people in the U.S., it has Español tab too as most residents of USA prefer Spanish as their primary language. It also has a ‘Change Text Size’ feature in it which may be useful for people with a defect in their vision i.e. Short-sighte...

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...ks of are linked at the bottom of the homepage and could be accessed with just one click. There is a special tab for the kids in the website and clicking to which kids can understand the rules and become aware as well as learn through several animations. The background color of the website is white pertaining to perfection and the tabs mostly blue which signify imagination and expansiveness.
In conclusion, website is an integral part of living in the country as well as exploring opportunities provided by the government both to the native as well as the aliens. The website is comprehensively informative and builds to facilitate the people and provide them the official source for the official information and opportunity. The easy to view features and user-friendly behavior makes it one of the most decorated websites we encounter in our lives.

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