Essay on Is Facebook The Right Place For Your Opinion?

Essay on Is Facebook The Right Place For Your Opinion?

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Forensics Facebook Fanatics
Is Facebook the right place for your opinion? - By Holly Purser

Do you ever see something on Facebook that just grinds your gears? Does it just make you want to rant, rant, rant? And when you do rant, rant, rant do people debate against you? Well, you my friend have just be caught up in one of the most deceiving games on Facebook. The number controversial topics, pictures and debates we experience on Facebook these days is just sky rocketing! These days, people just can’t seem to keep their mouths shut for long enough to hear both sides of the story. It’s no longer a case of hiding behind the screen and making your point heard, it’s a game cat and mouse for those who are just looking for trouble. But unfortunately, these ‘cats’ are being caught and locked up for the disturbance that they have caused. However, if the point that they are arguing is valid and controversial enough it may just spark the next global social media phenomenon.

It’s almost disturbing to think that having an opinion can literally sentence you to months in prison. So we think of Facebook as a way to express our opinion to get the wider community to hear our side of the story (Whale Oil Beef Hooked, 2015). Wrong. Some people have done this and been sentenced to months in jail! Who knew that expressing your opinion could send you to the lockup? I don’t see the problem with this to a certain extent. But if you are going to threaten someone’s life, family or wellbeing, I’m sorry, but you have crossed the line (Sterbenz, 2013).
English teen, Mathew Woods, posted this on Facebook sparking an angry mod to turn up at Woods house, ‘Who in their right mind would abduct a ginger kid?’ This was all in conjunction with the disappearance o...

... middle of paper ...

...ons that he defiantly was not smoking. A) He is inside. B) Don’t most people think like that? C) From my knowledge, this guy is extremely against smoking and anything that may possible shorten your life span. It’s a lesson to us all, don’t believe everything that you see or read on Facebook or even the internet for that matter.

So folks, that rant, rant, rant that you had on Facebook the other most likely started some form of debate amongst your friends. Whether it actually got so out of control that the police ended up involved, well, that’s another story. But next time that you consider having a controversial rant or debate on Facebook make sure you think twice and make some wise decisions because the consequences are real. On the up side, you might just be the next social media phenomenon! On the down side, the next social media criminal headed for the lock up.

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