Essay on Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?

Essay on Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?

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“We have never been more detached from one another, or lonelier.” Said by Stephen Marche in May 2012. He was talking about “Is Facebook making us lonely?” in . But the social networking websites are not only making us lonely, they are making a lot of positive effect for us, for the world. We can share our personal life with the other people immediately, and we can get more knowledge about our friends. So, the social networking website is letting us know more about our friends, get close with our friends, and they can let us build up a new friendship with some unknown person, even we are living in different cities, different states, or different countries. Therefore, the social networking websites are letting us socialize.
Sometimes everybody has different things to do, like housework, homework, or part time job, so we may not have a lot of time to go travel with all our friends. When your friends are going travel, you must want to know what they are doing or where they are at this moment. You cannot keep calling your friend every time when you want to know what they do, but Facebook does. When you with a group of your friends are going travel, but the other group of your friends are traveling to the place that different from yours, you must want to know what are they doing, and you must want to let them know what funny thing is happening with you. When you are going travel, you must want to share some beautiful landscape that you see to your friends. You cannot teleport all your friends to place that you are, but Facebook can make that kind of things possible and easier. You can just take a few pictures and post them on to Facebook, then everybody who are your friends can see them. You can also post the pictures with some sentenc...

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...ebook will show you some groups about that topic, and let you to join them. Therefore, you can know more friends that are interested the same thing as you. Also, you can make some new friends, unknown friends form their groups, and you will have the common topic between you and your new friend, and you don’t have talk with them face to face, then you won’t feel nervous to talk with the person that you didn’t know before.
In conclusion, Facebook or any other social networking websites don’t let us feel lonely, because they are your virtual friends, because they are making you and your friends get closer and close, because they are connecting you and all other people around the world. No matter who you are and where you at. They make the world smaller and smaller, make everybody as your friend, as your neighbors, as the people near you, let you can communicate easily.

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