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Is Exercise And Heart Disease? Essays

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“As many as 250, 000 deaths per year in the United States are attributable to a lack of regular physical activity,” explains Ph.D Jonathan Myers, in a journal article about exercise and heart disease. The entire world needs to be aware of the risk for death due the lack of exercise. By participating in sports, or doing any other physical activity like cardio, weights, or resistance, strength, or velocity trainings, health will improve. It has been scientifically proven by extensive and exhaustive research that exercise or any physical activity is beneficial in various ways to maintain a healthy life, reducing the risk of premature death by 15 percent with only 1 hour of a moderate physical activity a week or 23 percent with only 20 minutes or more of vigorous activity once a week (Sime.) For that reason, exercise is an important and vital physical activity that people must realize to enjoy great benefits such as the reduction and prevention of diseases, improvement of brain function, reduction of stress levels, boost energy levels, and improved self-confidence. This will allow one to improve his or her quality of life, reducing the risks of a premature death.
One main benefit of exercise or any physical activity is the prevention and decrease of diseases such as obesity, osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes type 2, and hypertension, among others more. By performing aerobic activity like running, swimming, bicycling, cardio classes or any cardio machines, the heart will get stronger, lowering the blood pressure and raising HDL (good cholesterol) levels, improving blood flow, which will increase the heart’s working capacity, according to The University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics. In addition to that, exercise will reduce bo...

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...even at home. But, the reality is that if we put in a balance the benefits that exercise provides versus the money, effort, and time that a person spends, the balance will favor the benefits just for the simple reason that exercise can save a life. Life may not be worth living when one doesn’t have good health and can’t enjoy the things he or she enjoys doing, or even the essential things like walking without pain, grabbing with the hands, or worrying about having a weak heart. These diseases can be prevented or reduced by only giving a little time of life compared with others activities that we do a daily basis.
Now, the question (we can wonder )is how much exercise is recommendable and how long.? The state university of New Jersey explains that, “Exercising at more than a person target heart rate will do little to condition the heart and lungs and may cause harm.

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