Is Excel A Spreadsheet Design? Essay

Is Excel A Spreadsheet Design? Essay

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At some point in your life you’re going to have to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint whether it’s in your personal life or your professional one. I must say though my favorite and most productive of the three would have to be Excel. Excel is a spreadsheet design by Microsoft that can be ran on numerous operating systems. From Windows servers 2008 to windows 8.1 with a memory of 1or 2 gm rams. Although if you want to access the graphic features on excel it is best to use a 2 GB ram which is (64- bit). You can also use excel on mac although it might not run as smoothly as it does on windows.
I think Excel is a good tool and should be used by everyone, because it is a reliable and easy to master at any age. With features like a calculator to help you do your most complex math problems. To Sparkline that provide a simple visualization of effects across your data that you enter on chart. Another cool visualization tool is conditional formatting that allows you to create heat maps that turns ordinary data into a spectrum of color. Another good use for excel is that if you have a family it’s a good way to calculate and set up a budget.
From another angle though excel is good to use and know because it can enhance your career. In today’s job market working with and mastering any of the office software is an added bonus to an employer looking to hire you. Excel is one of those applications that you should take a few moments throughout your day to learn. It is one of the most highly used tools in companies today whether they’re big or small.
According to Business news Daily using excel to create pivot tables are super easy and a skilled that once mastered you will have for life. It allows the users to summarize and enter data sets from on...

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...tegories that they incorporate with information from their updates t their post. Then they build sub categories according to what they want to trend and what’s hash tagging at that time. This allows companies to watch and analyze their followers and fans and what they post and hash tag. They can also use the content that they post about to promote products and upcoming events. For companies like Facebook, twitter and Instagram this is important because it builds engagement and community support.
Let’s face it in the world that we live in today technology and software changes by the hour. Everyday technology as well as software are being tweaked and changed to fit the demand of its users and buyers. Excel has come a long way and has added plenty of function and features since first being release in 1987, and in the year 2015 it only stands to get better with time.

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