Essay on Is Ethan Couch Murder?

Essay on Is Ethan Couch Murder?

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Today’s news covers up the reality that is going around the world. The new is like a distraction for the people of America. He actors, politics, and rich families. The main distraction that has most people in the edge is Ethan Couch murder. A young under age DWI that kills four innocent people for driven under the influence. The punishment that was given to him is for a minor crime like stealing or something in that category. The dead means nothing to the murder but to the family it means the world and mostly if is there children. Parents should not have to see their children die. Why the government is corrupted, wealth, morals, and parents’ education are no longer in place to protect the innocent people.
All the criminals are not behind the rails, some roam the streets every day. I one has money there is no real justice for them. For example, my family has been through a rough relative death. My aunt and cousin were killed by a drunk driver. The young man in his early twenty has been convicted for three prior DWI and still was free to run the streets. On March 23, 2008, he ran into a black four door Buick in the interstate 59 a two lane road that was under construction with no shoulder, in high speed. The truck he was driving ran into the back of the Buick crashing the car into a cube. His car had minor damages, my cousin and aunt were pronounce dead at the scene. It took him four DWI’s and a double murder to place him in jail. That speaks a lot for the laws in this country. How can we be protected if the law system is not doing its job?
The morals for the Couch family are lower than dirt. The father, mother, and son should be punish. The father for stating that he was Lakeside police officer. The mother for taking her son to Me...

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...earing on January 19.” Mother Against Drunk Driven states, “Couch is not a child, His actions are not that of a child, and everything possible must be done to hold hi, accountable and to ensure that Couch has no more victims.” As a mother and victim of drunk driving I will like him to be punish how it supposed to be with no difference of money or anything so he can feel the pain the family go through.
Families do not receive the privilege to see their family members again so to equal out the justices, the one that has committed the crime should get the punish they deserve. Just in record, the death penalty will do no good because they will never have the time to think about what they did. They should serve jail time a minimal of ten years with no parole. Let’s us start by education are children in a young age of what is right and wrong and we can make a difference.

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