Is Equality Truly Equal? Essay

Is Equality Truly Equal? Essay

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Women have always been paid less than men for doing the same work of the same quality. We are at a point in history where all people are considered to be equal, especially in this country. But even in this “equal world, women are still paid less. Is this what equal looks like? We can’t just brag about being of the forerunners of the modern world, we have to actually practice what we preach. The worst part of this inequality is that most people are oblivious to this pay gap; employees are usually prohibited from sharing the amount they are being paid. A large number of families that this affects are single mother families where there is only one paycheck to provide for the entire family. “In 2010, in nearly two-thirds of families (63.9 percent), a mother was either the breadwinner…When women’s wages are lowered due to gender discrimination, their families’ incomes are often significantly lowered as well” (Glynn). This is a problem that is constantly being ignored, but no more, it must be addressed in order to make equality equal. Because employers assume that women are prone to focus more time on their family and less towards furthering their own career, therefore we should pass the Paycheck Fairness Act of 2013, since the law would provide the same pay to women as to men; equal work for equal pay.
The Women's Rights Movement, which began in 1848, sought out to achieve full civil rights in this country. From this movement women ultimately gained the right to vote. In addition, the American Equal Rights Association was founded, the Working Women's Protective Union in New York was established, the National Labor Union supported equal pay for equal work, and the Association for the Advancement of Women was formed. During World War I...

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