Is Eisenmenger Syndrome A Birth Defect That Severely Affects The Functionality Of Its Patient 's Hearts

Is Eisenmenger Syndrome A Birth Defect That Severely Affects The Functionality Of Its Patient 's Hearts

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Eisenmenger Syndrome is a birth defect that severely affects the functionality of its patient’s hearts. Untreated ES can lead to patients experiencing heart failure, kidney problems, pregnancy risks, stroke, and even death. There are a variety of drugs and treatment methods that are used to treat this syndrome. My goal is to evaluate some of these drugs and methods, and determine the best way and ways to improve all of the treatment methods.
Beghetti, Galiè (2008) conducted an experiment that shows the treatment for ES has been restricted and unsuccessful, but new therapies that target pathway of PAH have been shown to be more effective. In this paper the authors discuss several different therapies such as, phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor, endothelin receptor antagonist Bosentan, and prostacyclin analogs. The combination of these therapies offers an alternative choice for people who has been diagnosis with ES. This is important because it helps to understand the new therapies and how they can become more effective with an ES patient everyday life, or be more beneficial with treatment this disorder. The authors future studies is to is identify and intervene at the earliest stages and also study if pulmonary vascular remodeling in ES can be targeted and reversed.
In this paper the authors Chon, Cho Cha, Seo, Kim (2016) summarizes a 48 week study done on the effects of long-term iloprost treatment on right ventricular function in ES patients. Iliprost treatment is a method that helps treat pulmonary arterial hypertension. The drug in this method works by enlarging the blood vessel to allow blood to flow normal. This is important because this treatment method is one of the most well-known successful treatments of ES. Also, this ...

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...t because it explain that the therapeutic drugs has advance over the years with ES treatment but to further the knowledge we must create drugs that will eventually curing and eliminate this syndrome.
I will review and compare these ten different studies to analyze them. After analyzing these studies, I will be able to compare them to one another, scrutinize them to determine areas that need improvement, and determine the best treatment or treatment method for ES. This will be done by comparing the results and data from the studies to one another. While completing these comparisons, it is important to distinguish between the differences that could occur based on the patients selected. Other aspects that will be noted will be the age of the patients and race. This is because these could affect the way that the patients’ responded to the different treatment methods.

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