Is Edward Snowden Impacted The American People Positively Or Negatively?

Is Edward Snowden Impacted The American People Positively Or Negatively?

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Will Herwig

Research Question: Has Edward Snowden impacted the American people positively or negatively?

Betraying one’s government in order to enlighten its people, although it might appear heroic in the eyes of the majority, can be even more damaging. Edward Snowden, a fugitive from the United States currently living in Russia, has spoiled relations around the world with the United States. Through various media outlets, he was able to paint the NSA actions in a negative light, pressuring the government to shift back to old ways in addition to hindering business operations globally. Hero’s don’t expose their people to new dangers.

Subtopic 1 (2-3 lines)
Global Political Relations.
Through the Edward Snowden case, political relations worldwide have changed. Countries have become fearful of what information the United States does know, as well as what they could be surveilling currently. As demonstrated throughout the readings, negotiations and foreign-policy have been hindered by other nations mistrust of our government.

Subtopic 2 (2-3 lines)
The information places Americans in danger.
Although Edward Snowden might appear as a hero, his betrayal has impacted everyone negatively, threatening our national security. Through the information leaked, malicious individuals can target the many people he was trying to inform, the same issue he was upset with. In addition to the many citizens who are vulnerable, four branches of the military were exposed, details that impacted American operations elsewhere.

Subtopic 3 (2-3 lines)
Displays the act of being a traitor in a positive light.
While the United States is still working towards prosecuting him on American soil, he demonstrated world-wide that a traitor can get aw...

... middle of paper ...

...ays aim met with US review NSA policy abuses exposed, he insists. (2013, Dec 25).
Journal - Gazette Retrieved from

Acknowledging that this author works for the National Security Agency, I was able to get a good understanding of the government 's future plans, while knowing that I can trust this source. In the article, the author states the intentions of individuals like President Barack Obama, sharing that he is working on reforming the organization due to backlash of Edward Snowden 's leaks. Moreover, this source illustrate how across the nation, business and government infrastructure has changed to combat fear of the American public. In my research paper, I will explain how Mr. Snowden has damage the country, moving the nation back instead of forward.

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