Essay about Is Education Worth Your Money?

Essay about Is Education Worth Your Money?

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Is education worth your money?
Once students graduate high school they don’t really know if they should continue their education and get a career of their choice or, get a full time job. Most people think that getting a college education is a waste of time since getting a job is harder than getting a full time job, also going to college and paying for students loans is what scares them the most. But what the undergraduate do not know is that they can get more money and better benefits then a full time job.
According to Selingo “Most students that graduated from college will get a payment notice from their student loans.” Some students will have a huge debt but won’t have the opportunity to use their education for their career they choose. Since some colleges are expensive some students like to go for a career that would most likely be the cheapest. Not being able to follow dreams because colleges are crazy expensive or do not offer the classes they need in order to graduate. “The Thiel fellowship grants adults (20-25) $100,000 to drop out of college and purse their interest” remarks Selingo. Foundations giving young adults a large amount of money to drop out of college so they could go with them and not worry about paying college loans. But not all students go to college for education, some pay for those expensive classes to go out and have a different experience.
Going to college isn’t all about going to school and trying to pay off student loans. College is about a new experience, and meeting new people that have the same interest in you. Joining a sorority is what young adults like to do. Sororities have huge parties and treat everyone like family. Young adults join sororities so they can live the crazy party life. This is...

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...d graduate on time or even early if they are on top of the homework. Going to the school on the main campus allows students to interact with teachers face to face and ask questions about the homework.
There are many ways to get a college education, some college students apply for financial aid, write letters to get a scholarship or even do silly things to get a college education and by silly I mean look up scholarships that make students compete against others. Not getting a college experience is one of the worst things to do. It teaches you how to survive out in the real world like a professional instead of flipping burgers at a fast food restaurant for people that you went to high school with. College is not all about student loans, it is about achieving new goals and it prepares young adults for the new challenges they are about to face in the career they chose.

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