Is Education More Expensive or Ignorance? Essay

Is Education More Expensive or Ignorance? Essay

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In a wise society, it is not only essential to have a college degree, it is also a necessity. Also, in the world of economy, the college education is no longer considered as a luxury; it is essential for most of the people who are craving for better wages and job security. College education also provides some aspects of life that a non-educated person might not get. These aspects include learning ability, expansive career opportunities, experiences and sentiment. In addition, the government has also improved their higher education plans such as, lowering tuition fees, subsidized funds, and also providing loans to the people who are not able to afford a college education, but to improve the higher education system there are other better things that can be done.
If a person attend college and try to learn what he or she wants to, there is a much better chance for that person to be successful in his or her life. It also depends, how you learn it; what you gained from college before entering into the world of economy. For example, I had two cousins, after high school they both have chosen same career, in different ways. One (ash) went to college to study computer science and other (Nick) went into the family business in which their father owns an IT company. After Ash’s graduation, he also joined his father’s company. But now, ash has a better understanding of the business than nick, because ash studied and explored different areas of computer science under expert supervision. On the other hand nick has the limited knowledge and experience about only the work his company does. As a result Ash is the company’s representative in different client meetings on the other hand, nick does the developer’s job.
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...ith different countries and background, and all that in a relatively safe environment. But on the other hand, student debt is a disaster for the world economy. The Federal subsidy to college education and the students is detrimental from many factors. It increases the tuition fee, and put unnecessary burden on debters. In order to overcome these problems government can inherit from the systems of different countries and try to make the college education affordable to everyone.

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