Is Education A Social Institution? Essay

Is Education A Social Institution? Essay

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For schools its social institution has changed many times and it seems that it will continue to change as our needs for schooling changes. In this we will discuss the newest change in the type of schooling once more. This change is something more than, as most adults, we ever thought it would be. In the newest switch it seems that we are switching back into the home.
The most recent shift in the education social institution is that a lot of the needs are being pushed back into the family social institution in the form of a flip classroom. With this the family is more seen as helping the students learn things and the school and teachers are going over homework with them.
The family is one part of this flip so the first thing we can do is look how the economy effects this institution. The first thing we all know is that as the economy fluctuates so does the need for jobs and time spent doing those jobs change. When the economy is poor there are more people that need jobs. So when one or both parent have no job they start to have to talk about what they need to do to keep the needs of the family. One of these needs that is pointed out in our slide show is that of material and emotional safety (Baumann Grau,). So when the family isn’t getting the money they need, due to an economic downtrend, this material safety is brought into question because you have to ask yourself what is needed the most and what can be pushed to the way side.
There is also an inequality in families based on their class. Our book puts it best when it says that in 1995 the gap between the rich and poor is higher in the United States than other industrial nations (McGann Ch.13) This is even more noticeable now and days the family as a social institution varies...

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...hen he asked his pre-calculus class if they felt using this type of classroom helped them master the class or not nine of the fourteen kids said that it did not. These same kids said they didn’t like that they couldn’t ask questions of the teacher (Strayer pg.5). So as the lesson is being taught in short videos the students can either be getting all the information they need or missing very important parts.
In the long term flip classroom is going to keep making shifts from the education social institution to that of the family. As long as thing are being looked after, such as the need for internet, this type of classroom can work. But it has to be used in only certain settings, things such as high income school areas where they have accesses to everything they need. When used correctly this schooling will be able to help not only the student but also the parents.

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