Is Education A Right Or A Privilege? Essay

Is Education A Right Or A Privilege? Essay

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The Right to Higher Education
The question has been raised whether education should be defined as a right or a privilege. Understanding the rights surrounding education begins with understanding the difference between a right and a privilege. According to a right is defined as a moral or legal entitlement; to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way. Additionally, defines a privilege as a right, advantage or immunity granted or available only to a particular person of people. I believe education is a right. In today’s job market, undergraduate college degrees are now becoming the new high school diploma; therefore, the accessibility of education should reflect this change. In the current economy, higher education is currently shaped as a privilege, limited to people with scholarships, accessible loans and grants. All students should she education as an open opportunity no matter their financial status. With all this being said, the fact still remains that higher education is expensive and the cost must be off-set in some manner. Higher education is a right that should be legally accessible to everyone in order to reflect the shift in the economy and in the work force.
The importance of obtaining a college degree has become even more important in today’s job market. As America becomes more modernized, the job market is shifting to reflect the change. Bachelor’s degrees are now replacing high school diplomas in the work force and America has the responsibility of making education affordable for all students. In January 2015 President Obama unveiled his plan to make community college free for responsible students. In an article on the journalist reported, “In our growing globa...

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...d have the opportunity to experience. The forward evolution of the of the American job market is making college degrees a requirement in order to gain a respectable position in the workforce. Currently, education is shaped for privilege students, leaving numerous students in limbo about whether they will be able to return to college the following semester because of insufficient tuition coverage. Students should have the opportunity to choose whether he/she desires to pursue post secondary education instead of not seeing furthering his/her education as an option. Nelson Mandela once wrote, “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” In order to shape and mold the innovators, doctors, business owners, and philanthropists of the modern world, America must grant them the right to a post-secondary education without the threat of lifelong debt.

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