Is e-marketing an integral component of strategic marketing? Essay

Is e-marketing an integral component of strategic marketing? Essay

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E-marketing is virtually conducting marketing activities through interactive computer-aided systems. Indeed unheard about two decades ago, this sufficiently new field has interested lots of organizations around the world. Enormous multinational corporations, government agencies and other different enterprises have come to position e-marketing as an essential strategic tool.
Nowadays many well-built huge companies such as IKEA link their Internet approaches to their more traditional marketing efforts, whereas some relatively new launched businesses as Amazon and Egg have selected for e-marketing approaches more or less exclusively, using all new tech tools as for instance ATMs, retail kiosks, e-mail and iTV, countless organizations and institutions are turning to e-marketing strategies throughout the globe.
E-marketing concept is sufficiently advantageous as it is faster, more efficient, more intelligent and much cheaper than other marketing mechanisms. Besides e-marketing is the sphere which leads to quick results, allowing complex calculus such as to analyze request and market development. Access to new market segments and attaining the trust of existing customers and loyalty through quality and price of products is mainly because of e-marketing campaigns. For marketing, the effect of the Internet has led to major modifications in company culture; the classical hierarchic model leadership has disappeared, radically has altered the relationship between partners, and has the lack of economic cycles.
The Internet allows companies to increase and strengthen their presence on the market, offers possibilities for market development and increases sales, improves services for customers, allows companies to change a potential custo...

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