Is Dyslexia A Learning Disorder Characterized By Difficulty Reading Essay

Is Dyslexia A Learning Disorder Characterized By Difficulty Reading Essay

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“Dyslexia is a learning disorder characterized by difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words” (Staff). It is noted that the developmental reading disability is an information processing disorder caused by structural differences in the left hemisphere of the brain. Researchers established that reading for people who suffer from dyslexia must form different ways to process information through the increased use of their Broca’s area, which is located in the frontal portion of the brain. This area is generally used for other forms of language progressing and speech. Although dyslexia remains difficult to identify researchers have increased examination tools and methods to diagnose younger children showing dyslexic tendencies for earlier detections, interventions, and treatments.
Whether in English class or attempting mathematics, people diagnosed with dyslexia have an extremely difficult time comprehending written material. Recently researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has been using a MRI technique known as diffusion-weighted imaging to work towards a faster diagnosis of young children suffering from dyslexia. The study shows, “That adults with poor reading skills have a smaller, less organized arcuate fasciculus. This structure of the brain connects two areas integral to communicating: Broca 's area, involved in speech production, and Wernicke 's area, involved in understanding both written and spoken language” (Ellis). After figuring this information, the researchers continued to further their studies by performing these MRI techniques on 40 children in kindergarten. They soon discovered a link between the children’s phonological awareness ...

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...ese negative experiences and feelings stay with a child through adulthood, affecting their work environments. It is recommended that children, especially teenagers, suffering from dyslexia find support groups to express their emotions in a safe environment. Specialists have found that this disability makes it difficult to articulate emotion and thoughts as a result of not having the skills needed to verbalize feelings. Therefore, supportive small groups are found to be very helpful, “because dyslexic pupils do not often have a chance to air the problems they experience without being judged or criticized, not only problems with reading and writing, but also problems about making friends, feelings of isolation, shame or frustration” (Palti). These therapy groups assist people struggling with the effects of dyslexia to clear up their uncertainties and progress in life.

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