Is Domestic Violence Really A Problem? Essay

Is Domestic Violence Really A Problem? Essay

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Is Domestic Violence Really A Problem?
Today, the world is plagued with heinous crimes. People hurt children, terrorists murder innocent people, and those closest to a person can even betray his/her trust. Such harsh doings usually seem to occur far from the safety of home, when in reality, it seems that the world could be overlooking the most personal crimes that occur inside the home. The topic of domestic violence is one that has been discussed and even debated for decades. Is it a real problem, or is it exaggerated? With a deeper look into the matter, one can see that not only is domestic violence a problem, but it is a problem that affects unexpected victims, and even people that are not direct victims.
Domestic violence can come in many forms. It can be an abuser inflicting physical harm such as pushing, slapping breaking bones, throwing objects, or even smashing items on the victim. Even locking someone out of the house, destroying their belongings, or leaving them in an unsafe area can be considered domestic violence or abuse. Besides these, there is emotional or mental abuse. This is humiliating someone or putting them down, and causing them emotional pain. Though domestic violence can take on many forms, it is dangerous is any of the forms it comes in (Rempel). Domestic violence can be influenced by a number of factors such as marital status, age, psychological disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, or even child abuse experiences.
Though the definition of domestic violence stays the same, what is being done about it has changed over time. In the 70’s, police that were called to household to handle domestic violence situations were encouraged to try to resolve conflicts between the husband and wife, while avoiding makin...

... middle of paper ...

...oes it really matter? Is this what the focus should be on?
The bottom line is, it is not a competition between men and women to see who is more to blame for domestic violence cases. The fact is that domestic violence is an issue that can affect anyone, no matter gender, race, status, etc. Some support groups seem to have alternative motives than they should and most of them simply provide support for victims that are women only. Obviously, this is an issue that needs to be investigated further and changed. However, even though support groups are not all that they should be, if someone is a victim of domestic violence or finds themselves inflicting pain on others, help should be seeked. The intentions of people and organizations are not always innocent, but anything that can be done to bring awareness to and decrease domestic violence is better than nothing at all.

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