Is Domestic Surveillance Worth The Hassle? Essay

Is Domestic Surveillance Worth The Hassle? Essay

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Domestic Surveillance
Is domestic surveillance worth the hassle? In 2013, whistle blower Edward Snowden
reveled to the American people that the National Security Agency has been spying on them. Not only that, But also on world leaders. Domestic surveillance is understood as the first line of defense against terrorism, But it has many downsides, not only it violates Americans lives, also it spies on our social media, it puts a fine line on their privacy, and it is a big stab in the freedom of speech.
According to John W. Whitehead, “The fact that the government can now, at any time, access entire phone conversations, e-mail exchanges, and other communications from months or years past should frighten every American.” (Whitehead). The NSA has collected masses of raw data from the web throughout the years, data like phone conversations, emails, and other kind of communications with the consent of the American people. This kind of data collection clearly violates the basis of privacy. After the devastating terrorist attacks on 9/11 and the Boston marathon bomber, the American people ...

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