Essay about Is Diabetes A Curable Disease?

Essay about Is Diabetes A Curable Disease?

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The Earth is comprised of over 7 billion people, ranging from newborns to the elderly. Everyone is made up differently, from looks to the deeper aspects of their bodies such as DNA. Not every human is born alike, some are born with defects, and others develop over time, or can be caused by certain events/circumstances. One major problem that plagues most of the population within the United States is diabetes. Diabetes is a group of diseases with different traits that all occur when blood sugar levels rise above normal rates. As reported by the CDC, diabetes has affected over 30 million individuals within the United States, ranging from youth to the elderly, and this number grows constantly due to the diets many individuals have as well as the lifestyles that many individuals tend to live. Diabetes is a curable disease (to some degree), but it is one that takes a great amount of effort in which an individual must change their lifestyle as well as any eating habits.
This all occurs in the pancreas, which produces an enzyme called “Insulin” which aids in the process of breaking down other molecules such as sugar, otherwise known as glucose. Individuals that are affected by this disease oftentimes have a pancreas that either dispenses too much insulin or too little insulin when glucose is found within the bloodstream. The discovery of diabetes has some interesting beginnings which can be traced all the way back to as early as 250 BC, but it was not until 1776 that Matthew Dobson had confirmed it when tasting the urine of a diabetic, stating that a particular substance had made it so sweet. Dobson could not come up with a solution. It wasn’t until 1910 in which Sir Edward Albert Sharpey-Schafer had seen what had caused diabetes by det...

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