Is 40 Degrees - It Is A History Of A Great Love Essay

Is 40 Degrees - It Is A History Of A Great Love Essay

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40 Degrees – it is a history of a great love that condemn to destruction. Two people are walking on the ice holding hands, remembering the past moments of life. They decided to take a picture, and suddenly he falls down under the ice. She began to scream and cry and call him back, but he went under the water. All this can be seen in the music video of Svetlana Loboda named “40 Degrees.” 40 Degrees was filmed in the best traditions of Nordic cinema, and can safely initiate a new genre called dramatic thriller. Video filming took place in Iceland. Especially for filming the singer took lessons of choreography and lessons of the cello. According to the article “Biography and news Svetlana Loboda,” she is not only a singer, but also a TV presenter, songwriter, designer of her own brand “F*ck the macho”, and she is a former soloist of the most famous and sexiest group “VIA GRA”; moreover she is an honored artist of Ukraine. (Biography Svetlana Loboda). In order to better understand the music video “40 Degrees” by Svetlana Loboda, it is good to examine the lyrics, the music arrangement and feeling the emotion.
If to compare the lyrics and music video at first glance these are two different things. Music video makes sense and at the same time accompanied by deserving words. From the beginning of the song it is understandable that she begs her mom not let go and keep her tight. “Hold me stronger mom, I’m so drunk/ I drank all of his unearthly words/Hold me tonight, mom, I am so sick, One glance of his makes me run out… (Loboda). While watching a video and simultaneously listening to the words one sees a different picture, the audience can see solid glaciers and an exhausted singer that barely moves her feet. She recalls moments wi...

... middle of paper ..., anger and confusion, especially when relationships are complicated, when the relationships has no revelations. Listening to lyrics from the song it is understandable that the singer hates him, because she expects from him serious actions and intentions, but there is nothing to achieve from him. “Mum, he as alcohol of 40 degrees as minimum/I squeezed to maximum/I drunken today from him/ impossibly, impossibly/impossibly relax (Loboda). So one can see through the info above, the emotions are important to examine to understand this song.
The song “40 Degrees” is very soulful song with its lyrics, music and emotions. In this video Svetlana lost her loved one being among the glaciers of Iceland. Thanks to the professional performance, the audience felt the spirit of the song. During the song one can feel all the pain, regret and sadness.

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