Essay Is Country Music So Popular For People?

Essay Is Country Music So Popular For People?

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Country Music is everywhere. It may come blaring from a neighbor’s house, blasting the radio from a car or truck, or even playing quietly in a restaurant; but why exactly is Country Music so popular for people to listen to? When it comes to Country Music, the lyrics comes straight from the artist`s hearts where people can relate to them; the rhythm and beat are unique to the specific song, and the artist knows exactly how to tell a perfect story in the song.
The raw emotion that goes into a Country song is how I can relate to the song. The artist`s lyrics and the way the artist sings the song is how I can relate to what the artist is trying to say. For example, artists write their lyrics about many different things that they have been through in their life. I can tell when the artist has been through something tragic because the rhythm and beat of the song is slow. When I am down in my feelings, I listen to, "What hurts the most," by Rascal Flatts. In this song, Rascal Flatt`s message that he is trying to get through to people is that he has lost a loved one that meant the world to him, and he did not get the chance to tell that person what he really thought about them. I relate so much to this because I am a person who is not good about telling how I feel to people. I keep my emotions bundled up inside. This specific song has helped me to show more of my feelings to people and to open up more. Depending on the situation, I still have trouble showing my emotions. When I have trouble opening up, I listen to Flatt`s song to remind me that it is good, not bad, to open up to people. Another song I listen to that I relate to so much is, “Barefoot Blue Jean Night," by Jake Owen. The reason I relate to this song is because it describes...

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...em wrong so far because I have been with the love of my life for four years now. Also, I am a child grew up with nothing and I have learned that I have to work for what I what in life. I have worked since I was fifteen, and I have loved every minute of it. I also am one who will follow my dreams even if everyone around me is telling me that I cannot do it, or I am not able to do it. This song`s story has been an inspiration to me in many ways.
In conclusion, Country Music makes up my whole life. When I relate to a specific song it is because I am going through the same thing the artist went through when he or she wrote the song. That one specific song can have a rhythm or beat that can send a rush of emotions through my body. The songs also tell an unbelievable story that will have me either crying or laughing. I love Country Music for these three specific reasons.

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