Essay on Is Cosmetic Surgery Safe?

Essay on Is Cosmetic Surgery Safe?

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Is Cosmetic Surgery Safe?
Cosmetic surgery is a surgery which aims for improvement of the aesthetic appearance of the person who wants this to be done. The goal of this is to improve a person’s appearance plus the self-confidence by the way that person looks. This surgery can be done or performed on any part of the body and face. If the patient is willing to undergo a cosmetic surgery, the patient should be ready for what could happen before the patient decides.
Although I should know better by now, I cannot help thinking that if cosmetic surgery is safe. People should be careful what they wish for. If the person is already insecure about the aspect of their appearance and physical looks, this person will suffer from a severe loss of confidence and then think they do need a cosmetic surgery. Although none of them have ever said so directly, people who I know have often give me the impression that undergoing a cosmetic surgery will be successful. Some patients may not be fully aware or prepared for the cost of cosmetic surgeries. There’s also a stress when it comes surgeries, one of these is lack of sleep, including also the pain and at some point depression is there too. In discussions of patients, one controversial issue has been if having a cosmetic surgery is dangerous. On the other hand, surgeons contend the patients who want to go through surgeries. Others even maintain their opinions about cosmetic surgery being dangerous. My own view is that people who have to go through cosmetic surgery must be ready whenever the result will be.
Plastic surgery is one of the oldest forms being used before. It is also a branch of surgery, the redoing or remodeling the portion of human body to repair the damage or also for cosmetic purp...

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...f people doing this to improve their looks but keep in mind that not all cosmetic surgeries are safe. Cosmetic surgeries can make your face beautiful but there’s a lot of side effects with it. Since all surgeries are risky. Everybody should feel contented on whatever they have since being original is better. According to Joanna Flynn “it is concerned about people making rushed decisions and having unreasonable expectations.” (Flynn, 31). Joanna Flynn point is that most patients are making decisions quickly without thinking well and not satisfied with the result. Better make sure and have a solid research about the effects of surgeries. Aside from spending too much money in improving your physical appearance, technology is not even a 100% sure if it will work. Many people suffer the bad results from surgeries, this can ruin person’s image instead of making it better.

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