Is College Worth It?

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Is College Worth It? In today 's society, there are multitudes of pressure high school students face. One of the biggest pressures put on high school students is the decision of going to college. From the moment students enter into a secondary education, they are constantly asked questions about their future plans. Teachers and parents expect students to perform their best, while giving them no chance but to look towards college. In some cases, however, college might not be the answer. Other options exist as alternate avenues after high school, however, these are not as often expressed as the idea of a four year university. Although a college education and degree is most often more impactful than a high school diploma, there is too much pressure on young individuals to attend a school of higher education, especially due to the fact that other factors come into play including financial status and the idea that an individual cannot be limited to success solely based on having a degree. However, the argument does exist that attending a four year university directly out of high school is beneficial and necessary to be pushed onto a high school student. Colleges offer many opportunities for growth and success, and some of the awful aspects of a university, like debt, can be worked around. For example, approximately 80% of students today do not have to pay the full price of tuition for college. This is the result of the colossal opportunities for financial aid including scholarships and grants. Not only is financial help a factor, but also, many career fields require a college degree in order to even be considered for the job. Obtaining a degree can offer a better opportunity, and in some cases, even a higher salary than not having a... ... middle of paper ... achieving a real world type of learning, and more people are beginning to observe this. There are communities of people surpassing debt and traveling, volunteering, and interning to gain a worldly opinion and knowledge that sometimes is a better path for a person than a four year university (Stephens). Despite this being risky, the idea that one can attend and pay a colossal amount of time and money on a college degree without a guarantee of finding a job or passing courses is a risk in itself that isn’t expressed as a potential result of college in high school settings. This pressure that college is the best choice and doesn’t involve any risk is just not the truth, and as educators continue to burn this in the brains of students, they are continuing to disservice certain children who have different needs and goals when it comes to what is best for their future.

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