Is College Worth It?

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It was the biggest achievement of my entire life when I got accepted to Penn State. Since I arrived in America, I have been acquiring inexhaustible desire to succeed in life. Therefore, I turned the pages in my newly acquired english books to learn about unprecedented amount of American culture, English language, and US history. I think learning about those three things at once helps newcomers [Like me] to get caught up with the norms in american society and also helps them to learn the background of what they are about. For examples: Declaration of independence, Civil rights in America, Thanksgiving, American Ideals, etc. Firstly, when I first went to my LLED class, I thought this class was so much beneficial for me personally because it helped me to engage with my peers and professor to discover distinctive strategies in academic learning. Sometimes in class, we were debating about some controversial issues about college. For example: we talked about “is college worth it” in class. After participating in the argumentative style of learning, I was able to redefine my strategies in argumentation. Nevertheless, we also talked about 4 key strategies to succeed in college, through this article I was able understand the significance of managing time, and important strategies to prepare for exam. For example: We can use calendar to mark up important dates and write daily to do list to remind yourself of immediate assignment due dates, etc. In addition to that, I also wrote a paragraph about what I thought of what “6 American ideal” meant to me. After doing this assignment, I have learned extensive information about American ideals. The ideals that drives every American to work hard and to compete harder against others to improve upon ... ... middle of paper ... ...ester, so that the choices I make would not affect how I perform academically. Overall, my first semester college experience was very outstanding. One thing I would change for next semester is that the way I prepare for exams. For example: I will get more help from my tutors and devote extra time to practice examples before exams. Most importantly, I am starting on my major specific classes next semester. On the other hand, I am very hesitant to begin my next semester because I will be staying in the school for the whole day on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It will start on 8:30 in the morning and end on 5:20 pm in the evening. Even though that might be the case, I will try to adapt to the circumstance and change up strategies on how I study now. Beside that, I think I will be able to make more friends and spend more quality time with professionals in the camps.

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