Essay about Is College Worth It? Higher Education?

Essay about Is College Worth It? Higher Education?

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College, a nightmare for most high school graduates, but also a heaven for those who want to pursue their career. Everyone should go to college because college will bring a lot of benefits in the future. In “Report tout benefit of college education” there is a list of what benefits will college graduates get. “No College Education, Fewer Job Prospects; ‘Left Out or Forgotten? Recent High School Graduates and the Great Recession’.” is about how does education level affects the chance of getting a job and salaries. “Is college worth it? Higher education” discuss about different major will bring different salaries. “Funding a college education” brings up students who are not going to college because they concern about loans. Later this article explans how finishing college will pay off throughout their life. In “Does a college education cause better health and health behaviours?” there is a experiment that shows people with higher education will have better health behaviours. “Determinants of salary growth in Shenzhen, China: an analysis of formal education, on-the-job training, and adult education with a three-level model” brings up that people with higher education will have a lower cost for work training. “The Value Of A College Degree” talks about more people are having a college degree and earning of a college graduates is increasing.
There are a lot of benefits that people can get if they finish college. “College grads are less likely to smoke or be obese, have higher job satisfaction rates, vote and volunteer more and are more likely to have children who are better prepared for school” (“Report tout benefit of college education”). In addition, In “Does a college education cause better health and health behaviours?” Zhong wri...

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...ring, there will be a deduction on their salary because there are people who are willing to work for a lower salary. In addition, job opportunities are limited. Some of them will have trouble finding a job that they want. people should choose a major they they interest in because someday they might find out that major is boring, so they will change it to another major. As a result, they wasted their money and time on the major that they are not interest in.
People who go to college are more likely to empoloyed and having high salary. Which can bring some benefits to the society. Do not let loan block the road to success because loan will pay off very quickly after joining the work force. People should choose major tht they intrested in rather than choosing major that make higher salary; they are more likely to give up when they do theings that they are not intrested.

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