Is College Really Worth It? Essay

Is College Really Worth It? Essay

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Is College Really Worth It?
Is it necessary to have a college degree before having the opportunity to experience the dream career of your choice? Depending on what background you came from, there are different reasons why we go to college. Most of us go due to career change/job position, increase our intellect/knowledge, not to be stigmatized, playing as a role model either to our children or even someone that we care of. In his essay, “A College Education: What Is Its Purpose?” Andrew DelBanco mentioned the three reasons college still matters which are: Economic (A college degree has replaced the high school diploma as “the minimum requirement into the skilled labor market.”), Opportunity (Our democratic form of government requires an educated citizenry), and Education (College enriches our lives, opening our “senses as well as (our) minds to experiences that would otherwise be foreclosed to us.”). I do partially agree with him because not only does it focus on these three topics but it also influence the way we’re viewed in society.
In high school, students were sometimes told that in order to achieve any goals in your life, all what you need is to get a college degree. They were bombarded with different stories that would sometimes be overwhelming to most students due to the amount of pressure and anxiety they receive from teachers. In a way it’s true to get a college degree but there are also many other possibilities to have a better life than regular college graduate, but it all depends what kind of skill levels the person has. Based on Andrew DelBanco idea stating that “a college degree has replaced the high school diploma as “the minimum requirement into the skilled labor market,” (Pg. 110) true, but not many of those wit...

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...I should keep on trying to help myself and be dedicated in whatever situation I find myself into. Coming to the U.S. gave me a lot of hope to be like other kids. It gave me the desire to believe in myself that dreams never die. I was shocked on my first day of school (middle school) in the United States. I asked my dad, “How much did you pay in order for me to get into this big school”? “Zero,” he replied. I could not believe this. In Nigeria, only the wealthy children attend a highly organized school with better classes. In the USA, lower, middle, and the upper class students can go to the same school. Having a good education mostly in college gives you a great reputation wherever you go. It enhances your skills (any level), reliability, responsibility, and many more. Without my parent’s putting me through, I won’t have had the chance of experiencing how college is.

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