Essay about Is College Degree Worth It?

Essay about Is College Degree Worth It?

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Is College Degree Worth It
A lot of people have questioned whether a college degree worth it or not. There is no single answer. It depends on what type of work are you going to do for the rest of your life. My thesis is that because of the number of ways you can live your life there are some advantages and disadvantages of a college degree.
What are the reasons to go to college? According to Pham 2016, some people can say that they are going to college to get a good education; some people can say to learn about themselves; and some are going to college to get a good job after graduation. Pham, 2016 states that the time that students are spending in college is the only time in your adult life when you are around people the same age, when meeting new people personally is wonderful, and this is a huge advantage of college. According to Smith, Pham 2016, there a lot of careers where you don’t have a choice and you have to have at least a college degree if you want a job that you like. Smith said that any employers are interested in good workers; in addition, they want to know whether you have an education, which is often a requirement for a new position. According to Smith, if you don`t know what type of career you want to focus on, you can find an idea in college. If you already know what you want to do, then school can help you find an area to pursue. Smith also said that you can learn how to take responsibility for your learning and improve time management and other skills that you will serve you for the rest of your life.
Besides several advantages, having a college degree has some disadvantages. According to Smith, colleges are very expensive. The average student has to pay a college cost ...

... middle of paper ... the construction area after you get your degree, you will understand almost everything since you don`t have enough experience, and you will do your job safe and correct. Human error on a construction site may cause serious injuries or even peoples` death. To avoid it you need to know how to do that, and college will teach you how to avoid any mistakes. When I studied in the introduction in civil engineering class, my professor showed a graph explained that civil engineers with diplomas are paid on average $80,000 per year, when civil engineers without a degree are paid on average only $50,000 per year. I think that $80,000 per year as an income isn`t that low to complain about whether a college degree worth it. With a college degree you will mostly work in a comfortable office instead of working in a place where too much dirt, where windy, too hot or rainy.

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