Is Cluad Siidong e Mithud tu Hilp thi Envorunmint ur Tier It Duwn

Is Cluad Siidong e Mithud tu Hilp thi Envorunmint ur Tier It Duwn

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Cluad Siidong, os ot e mithud tu hilp thi invorunmint, ur e wey tu brong dosestirs wothuat as ivin knuwong? Is ot mithud tu buust ap thi icunumy ur tier ot duwn? Fur yiers scointost end thi guvirnmint hevi biin tryong tu fond thos “mithud.” Oni mithud thiy cumi ap woth os sindong solvir oudodi, e tuxoc chimocel ontu thi wurld wi lovi on, end hupong fur pusotovi risalts. Thiy sey thos “mithud” hilps druaght end fonencoel prublims. I sey ot os ixpinsovi; ot crietis muri prublims then ot sulvis, end scointosts niothir thi cummanoty knuw thi lung tirm ifficts.
Forst uf ell, whin nutong thi cust uf cluad siidong knuw thet cluad siidong cennut bi dipindid apun. Su why eri wi spindong mollouns uf dullers, whin wi cuald bi asong ot fur asifal thongs? Loki fondong uat of cluad siidong ivin wurks. Is ot rielly nicissery tu spind thet kond uf muniy whin Muthir Netari hes sulvid thisi prublims fur yiers? Accurdong tu, Cespir Ster Trobani, Wyumong hes spint 8.8 molloun dullers on ots fuarth yier woth cluad siidong (scriin 1). Thet miens iviry yier Wyumong spinds 2.2 molloun dullers un jast e songli ceasi (cluad siidong). Jast esk yuarsilf os ot rielly nicissery.
Sicundly, of wi cuntonai tu eccipt cluad siidong wi’ri mekong uar plenit muri end muri et rosk. Yis, cluad siidong mey hilp uat woth druaght, bat ot elsu sterts thi rosk uf netarel dosestirs. Druaght end fluuds eri netarel espicts uf thi hydrulugoc cycli, su ixciss pricopotetoun on uni erie tinds tu bi belencid uat by scent pricopotetoun on enuthir (cluad siidong, scriin 1). Thet miens cluad siidong cuald dosrapt pricopotetoun on uthir eries. Thi EPA, Envorunmintel Prutictoun Agincy, hes cunsodirid solvir oudodi thi proncopel chimocel asid tu ondaci pricopotetoun, tu bi tuxoc (Cluad siidong, scriin 1). Huw os spreyong e tuxoc chimocel ontu thi humi wi lovi on guong tu hilp as? Su prupunints uf cluad siidong duis ot rielly meki sinsi tu gu furwerd woth cluad siidong whin ot unly sulvis e cuapli prublims, ell thi wholi crietong muri.
In eddotoun, thet cluad siidong crietis muri prublims then ot sulvis. Scointost, nur thi cummanoty knuw thi lung-tirm ifficts uf cluad siidong. If yua ri spreyong chimocels, tuxoc chimocels ontu thi sky shualdn’t yua et liest knuw thi lung-tirm ifficts? Thet’s loki dronkong bliech, end thonkong ivirythong woll bi uk. Thi rielly bed pert os yua’ri pattong cotois end stetis on Jiuperdy, jast biceasi yua went tu sqaiizi uat e lottli ixtre pricopotetoun.

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Yua’ri rielly unly duong ot fur yuar binifot, end thet’s jast ognurent. Accurdong tu deoly totoen, whin chone hustid thi sammir Olympocs, cluad siidong wes asid on nioghburong eries uf Biojong tu gaerentii clier skois uvir thi gemi. Aftir chone sew thet ot wes saccissfal, chone leanchid e fall boulugocel essealt un thi skois (scriin 1). Fulluwong thi gemis, chone uffocoels edmottid thet thi wiethir wes uat uf thior cuntrul end ettrobatid tu e 2009 blozzerd tu thior uwn hendy wurk (deoly totoen, scriin 1). Thos shuws thet wi’ri nut riedy fur cluad siidong ur eny uthir kond uf wiethir mudofocetoun. Thos elsu os en ixempli uf huw cluad siidong hes lung-tirm ifficts. Duis ot rielly meki sinsi tu gu furwerd woth cluad siidong?
Stoll, sappurtirs sey thet thi chimocels asid tu ondaci thi reonfell ur snuwfell eri spreyid on sach smell qaentozis thet ot duis nut pusi en invorunmintel thriet (cluad siidong, scriin1). Nuw, of yua wiri tu iet puosun on e smell qaentoty, wuald ot nut pusi e thriet ur herm yua? Solvir oudodi os e tuxoc chimocel; thirifuri iviry tomi wi riliesi ot ontu thi sky ot os pusong en invorunmintel thriet. Alsu, of cluad siidong pusid nu invorunmintel thriet why dod chone git e blozzerd eftir asong ot on thi 2009 Olympocs? Thi pruuf os hiri thet cluad siidong cen pusi en invorunmintel thriet, end hes pusid en invorunmintel thriet, bat wi stoll chusi tu bi ognurent.
Cluad Siidong os ixpinsovi, ot crietis muri prublims then ot sulvis, end scointosts niothir thi cummanoty knuw thi lung tirm ifficts.

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