Is Clive Wearing An English Musician? Essay

Is Clive Wearing An English Musician? Essay

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Clive Wearing, an English musician, suffered from a severe brain infection that inhibited his ability to retain memories and knowledge after his sickness. In an article called “The Abyss”, Oliver Sacks reports that within every few seconds, Clive believes that he is “awake for the first time” (Sacks ). and claims that he was previously dead. Anything he then experiences in the short moment of time is sought to be real to him. He believes is occurring for the first time when in reality, it happened only minutes ago. Throughout time, he keeps a journal which demonstrates his repeated struggle. When recognizing previous handwriting, he believes that it occurred but not by him consciously and does not realize how it got there. Although his brain resets every few seconds, he still has the same mannerism, actions, interest, and viewpoints. For the sake of a unique perspective, the views of Locke, Hume, and Parfit will be utilized to analyze the identity of Clive. After, I will explain my own opinion of personal identity and identify how relates to the well renowned philosophers.
Consciousness is the foundation for personal identity according to Locke. Personal identity is a nonphysical structure and cannot be found within the soul or in the body. Due to the separation between consciousness and body, Locke proclaims that physical injuries do not influence who somebody is. Personal identity is limited to an individuals compacity to continue the sameness of consciousness. Locke states that “whatever past actions [a man] cannot reconcile or appropriate to that present self by consciousness, can be no more concerned in than if [it] had never been done”, (Locke 4). which proclaims that the forgotten experience was not part of them at all. Ac...

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...nal identity is found in the soul, it does not have a physical counterpart that is needed. Death stops the connection between personal identity (soul) and body. As a result, the soul or personal identity of an individual is able to express itself freely in the afterlife without connection errors to the body.
Defining who a person is and what portion of their past is part of who they are today ranges greatly from the philosophical views of Locke, Parfit, and Hume. Applying these unique perceptions to uncommon cases like Clive test their effectiveness. Clive’s unfortunate defect ignites many complications for particular views and reassurances for others. Despite the disconnection between my views and the best fit for Clive’s situation, I believe we are a more complex individual than who we have been throughout our lives and that we will continue to be after our death.

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