Is Circumcision A Routine Procedure For A Urologist? Essay

Is Circumcision A Routine Procedure For A Urologist? Essay

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I maneuver around bunches of blue and subtly wiggle my way in between scrub nurses to position myself at the side of the OR table. Circumcision: a routine procedure for a urologist, but perhaps not a typical case for a first time observer. As I watch the doctor begin the procedure, I think to myself, very profound thoughts, “This is awesome, I am watching this doctor perform surgery”. First cut, there’s blood, “Obviously”, I reason. “It’s fine, it’s just blood, no big deal, just think how cool this is.” As the urologist proceeds, a wave of heat consumes me; a rushing sound fills my ear. “Clearly this a sign--this is what I am destined to do.” A ringing sound fills my ears, followed by complete silence all while bunches of blue come in and out of focus. No, this is definitely not the profound moment calling me to a career in medicine. My knees buckle and I see a leg kick out out to the side to try and catch me, but there’s no point, I am going down, hard.
My decision to become a doctor did not come in a moment of glaring revelation, but as a result of a variety of experiences that transpired mainly throughout my college career. Growing up, I engrossed myself in sports and was constantly occupied with athletic activities. My summers consisted of 9-5 camps geared to train and churn out athletic superstars. The rigor and training intensified as I graduated from youth travel teams and high school clubs and onto collegiate varsity athletics. The competitive and grueling nature of college soccer meant that injuries were inevitable. Throughout the four-month season of my freshman year, I had seen one teammate tear her ACL more times times than I had started in games. Although terrified of sustaining such an encumbering injury myself, I w...

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...eted at discovering and validating biomarkers that can be used as indicators of disease progression and treatment efficacy. I believe the work I am doing is contributing to the field of translational medicine so that individuals in hospitals across the country can benefit from the research. My contribution as an aspiring physician will be to face intellectual challenges with a devotion to being a part of translational science.
There was never one singular reason for wanting to enter a career of medicine. It was an amalgamation of every reason. Medicine is the only profession where I am allowed to be committed to a life of altruism and serving others while simultaneously facing intellectual hurdles and pushing my mental limits. It tests the limits of human compassion, memory, physical stamina, and resilience and it would be a great privilege to be a member of this pr

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